Where is our humanity?

A day ago, another black man was killed in the hands of police officers. Trained police officers. Police Officers who are supposed to protect and serve. Police Officers who are supposed escort little old ladies and save cats from trees and play basketball with neighborhood kids. Police Officers who are supposed to make all of us feel safe at all times, even when people get out of hand, or need some talking down.  They are supposed to DE-escalate, not escalate the situation. De-escalate, there is a word that is starting to get into people’s minds.  They have managed to de-escalate white aggression and NOT kill white people, but some how Jesse is right, [freedom always seems conditional with us]…it seems like there is always justification for killing a black man, but not a white man virtually doing the same thing.  This is not about racism, this is about losing our humanity as a society, in this country. This is about how a white man can see another white man less of a threat which saves his life, but risks a black man’s life in exactly the same situation.  This is not about racism, this is about how it seems so much easier to pull the trigger on a black man, than a white man.  The white cop says, “He’s got a gun,” and the other white officer takes out his gun so automatically, he doesn’t have to think twice about whether it is all worth killing this man and breaking his family apart within seconds. It doesn’t cross his mind what the repercussions of his actions would cost a whole community, a whole culture, and their sympathizers. It didn’t cross his mind. But now we have to once again, justify, rationalize, analyze in our heads, how and why should get over this.  For every soul lost, there is another soul lost on the other side. Where is our humanity?